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Best beauty sponges!!

I am obsessed with these beauty sponges. Like them wet or dry

Nourishing Neroli Face Cleansing Balm 35g

Not come in yet

I would love to try the product. But everything I ordered has not come in yet.

Glitter Wizard Invisible Jelly Shadow-Party Animal

I love everything that she glam does I’m actually getting ready to do another order to completely change my brushes over to she glam all the makeup that I wear besides foundation is all she glam now my skin prep I get from elf but even my primer I get from Shea glam Eventually everything will come from you guys again love love love your products

I love it

A pity because the pencil arrived broken, but the nuance, the effect and the resistence is Amazing without seems too appariscente, Indeed elegant.

Zelo v redu

Zadovoljna s pošiljko

Such a great product

Literally my favorite blush product


i love this thing. the stain is STRONG so you have absolutely no forgiveness or time to correct your mistakes. the second you put it on - it stays on! the color is cooled toned and beautiful. very nice when you want a lipliner to hold

gimmick turns into treasure ??

fooled by the desing of this brush i assumed its gonna be an gimmicky tool thats pretty to look at yet prob not to usefull. but i was totally caught of guard when it turned out to be an awesome blush brush that blends beautifully und also can apply foundation like a dream its a must have and soooo cuute


as someone who has used k-beauty for years i can assure you 100% that this is the ultimate dupe to the laneige lip sleeping mask! same smell, same texture, same color, same results! a must have

great to work with

this brush is amazing! i thought it was only to apply the balm foundation to your skin and then blending it out with another brush or sponge, but the finish surprised me so much: there are no strikes! it’s beautiful, smooth and frankly FLAWLESS! 10/10! must have!

LOVE this foundation

this foundation has a nice natural buildable coverage that is easy to achieve and all off that is in lux packaging that beats high end powder foundations. from the carton to the packaging to the puff and the mirror. this is a perfect package that is totally worth it and a product i will def. recommend. it has a luxury feel for an affordable pricepoint. 100% that bitch.

love the concept - way to small though

the product is so cute and would be suitable for travel as well, but it is as small as those little lip pods… could be a little bit more generous for that price, because even though its cheap, for the amount your getting its pricey again. the colors itself are stunnig and the texture and creaminess make it soo easy to work with. i would go as far as to say these are rare beauty blush pot dupes

weird texture that ruins it

love liptints yet this one just has a horrible texture that makes the lips feel like a glazed donut yet stil dry and weird. i love the packaging and find it pretty unique and cute yet i would prob not purchase again

best. product. ever. PERIOD

if there is anything i will always stay loyal to sheglam and recommend to everyone who has ears: it’s these glosses! they are incredibly light weight, soft, smooth, shining and have the most amazing color that i am convinced will suit everyone! i own all of them and fall in love all over again every time it touches my lips! the packaging looks pretty luxurious too and the applicator is this beautiful slim wand that will give you control while still gliding over your lips <3

solid masscara

good solid black tubing masscara. love the lenght side with the skinny plastic brush which actually has a great lengthening effekt and the volume side also does as it says. i would'nt say it comes off easy with warm water yet it deff. goes off easier. it does not smear onto my eyelids like many traditional masscaras do. so all in all i recommend this product . would wish there is a version of the lengthening side as a solo wand and not in a duo like this. bcs in duos the short wand can be quite hindersome.

puff arrived - still waiting for the glitter

i like the thought of this product and the idea is great, however there is barely any payoff of glitter. i basically have to beat my self with the, granted super fluffy soft puff, to see some super tiny little glitter specks - but that’s it. there is nothing else to come after the first use. so its basically empty now

pretty little glitter

i love this product. the glitter is really really fine. it was unexpected but pleasant. absolutely beautiful and very handy to just spray it all over your body and hair. the color is this stunning gold as expected

pretty little glitter

i love this products. the glitter is really really fine. it was unexpected but pleasant. i thought that it was more of a cold pinky shimmer though. it‘s more bronzy warm toned with the pink in it. still beautiful and very handy to just spray it all over your body and hair

best liquid contouring for white skin!

this is absolutely amazing! as a super fair skinned girl, i struggle to find contourings that aren‘t this copypaste warm bronzer shade - so this incredibly cooled toned shade is perfect to contour and shading! the quality is really high end like and smooth and creamy! super natural tone of both gray and warm.

both yet not quite

its a solid pink type of blush yet i wished it would've been more true to the image colour wich shows a pink with more of a redish undertone unlike petal talk which has a cooler undertone. this one feels more like a middle colour that tries to be both yet neither. nonetheless good pigmentation and easy to blend out. the packaging feels lux for such a low pricepoint wich is really refreshing

not a 100% dupes but none the less very good!

the products are great and i love all the colors! i bought them because of the “tarte maracuja lip dupes” and have to say: these are more balms, then glosses! they are not nearly as thick as the tarte ones and have only about 60%-70% as much shine. i honestly wouldn’t call them a dupes, but still a great products on its own. i love the option of being able to buy all of them and the colors are gorgeous

Good tester

very nice dupe to the high end version of this type of product. it has the pigment, it has the gloss, and it also has similar issues like having the gloss break and smear uneven on the lips. it also has no plumping effekt at all which i am glad. yet it is still a wrong statement. all and all the gloss sticks are good if u like these type of lipie and are also a steal if u wanna dip your toes into these gloss/lipstick hybrids without paying the high end price

love the idea

great concept and love the packaging. very girlypop. the powders have a nice pinkshade and the fact that due to it being a loose powder on the bottom it can be used as a vail of pink which can give the skin a refreshing appearence. the pressed powder gives off more coverage which can , if u use it heavyhanded, look very pink on the undereye. but using it lightly makes it a very nice powder that sets the undereye nicely.