• $6.00
Details: Show off your mad skillz with our 9-square range of sunset-inspired shades. Kinda like your fave mixed CD, this palette has all the essential colors you need for a look that's hella chill. Mix them together for cool combos that blend like a boss, or flaunt them solo for a vibe that's off the chain! Its highly-saturated pigments stick around from AM to PM, no creases or fallout included.

| Delia: grape purpleMP3: shimmery ice blueComplicated: deep purpleBoy Band: denim blueChill Pill: orange & blue marbleAmbular: true orangeRom Com: fawn brownBuffy: shimmery chestnutChain Mail: blackBenefits: Smudge Proof,Long-wearing
Finish: Matte,High-Shine
Texture: Powder
Type: Palette