Melon Magic Tinted Lip Balm-DOWNTOWN

  • $3.00
Details: This watermelon lip balm is ripe for the pickin' thanks to its sheer hint of color and subtle plumping effect. That's because we added in WKPep®Lip-thickenin which slowly boosts your lip's collagen count over time. A.k.a. no quick fixes here, just real deal fullness that doesn't fade by the end of the day! We also infused more skin-loving ingredients, like Aqua Cacteen & Aqua Rose extracts + Shea Butter for soothing, smoothing magic. Let's just say it's like a pick-me-up for your pout that you'll never want to put down.

| Downtown: chestnut brownBenefits: Long-wearing,Moisturizing
Finish: High-Shine
Texture: Cream