Stay Glam, Stay Real


Since 2019, we’ve been creating beauty products that are as real as you are. Think high-quality makeup in shades for days—all at a next-to-nothing price.

Because we believe beauty belongs to each and every one of us, not just a select few.

We believe it ignites joy and self-love,
even if it’s as small as creating that perfect contour. We believe in endless amounts of checking yourself out if you’re feeling your vibe.

At our core, we believe that every one of us deserves to look and feel our best, no matter what that looks like.

Glam isn’t just for those who can afford it.
Because beauty isn’t a gift, it’s a damn right!
That’s why we decided it was time to cut. that. red. tape.

By sourcing luxury-grade ingredients used by premium makeup brands, while x-ing out the middleman, bundling shipping with clothing orders, and reducing insane marketing costs, we were able to do just that.

Because everyone can glam with us.

What sets SHEGLAM apart from drug store brands?

1. We get you: Nobody’s more of a beauty expert than the people who use our products. That’s why we collect 4k-5k user questionnaires every week and send out hundreds of free samples for testing. Driven by data and customer feedback, we are constantly improving our products and creating new essentials that people actually want.

2. Record-breaking response to market trends: Founded by fast fashion brand, SHEGLAM is able to implement the same rapid response to market trends and customer feedback. That’s why we launch new products and collections every month, so you can always have the latest and greatest!

 3. Premium products with a drugstore price: Let’s be honest: when you buy drugstore makeup, you can tell it’s from a drugstore. At SHEGLAM, we offer luxury-grade makeup at the same drugstore price. How? By using the same manufacturers as leading luxury beauty brands, cutting out the middleman, and scaling back on excessive marketing costs.

Where are your products available?

At this moment, we’d like to continue being a DTC brand, listening to your voice directly and providing you with premium products without the steep price tag.

At, we currently ship internationally. You can find the shipping info here:

We are working on expanding our shipping options to more countries.

Hong Kong:

What do customers think of your products?

Let’s just say your skin isn’t the only thing that’s glowing. Check out our customer reviews... “SHEIN really has some great eyeshadow palettes. This is just one of the many that I’ve purchased so far and I’m totally happy with it. These palettes will easily give some of the more expensive companies a run for their money. The colors go on real smooth and easy and are highly pigmented”                
---by k***0

 ---by b***0, reviewing The BREEZE Palette

 “You need to PURCHASE THIS!!It is incredible. It’s so smooth and matte yet hydrating at the same time! The packaging is luxury at such an affordable price. I highly recommend this to anyone”  
---by s***g, reviewing MATTE ALLURE Lipstick in Retro Rose

 “The highlighters in this are freaking blending. When I swatch them, they are super creamy, so intense, these two colors are actually shocking. When I put them on my face, I was super shocked and it’s only $5, and I don’t know how they actually make money.”
---by Manny MUA testing SHEGLAM 3D PRO. PALETTE in PEACHY.

Are the ingredients used in your products safe?

Your health and safety are our biggest priority and we make every effort to ensure top-notch product quality. Our manufacturers are strictly vetted and highly regarded in the industry. Hint: they even manufacture for other luxury beauty brands. We hold the same strict product safety and quality assurance protocols as these leading brands do.

 Take a quick tour of our manufacturer’s warehouse

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes, we only choose to work with manufacturers and affiliates who source and use ingredients that are deemed cruelty-free.

What’s your shipping policy? How much is shipping and how long does it typically take?

Please find more shipping info at SHEGLAM’s shipping information center:

How will you ensure the product arrives intact and in perfect condition?

We use sturdy, protective packaging to ensure your products arrive at your front door, perfect and in one piece!